CCNA Security

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AT Computer Solution Limited is offered Crash Course / Exam Preparation Course. It will focus on the best paths to take education to help you advance in your career. It will help you to get a professional certificate easily.


Advantages of 1-on-1 Training are:

  • You can start from Any Date.
  • Fully customized course to suit your training need.
  • You get a personal trainer for the entire duration of the boot camp.
  • Better quality. Quality of instruction has an inverse relation with the number of students in a class.
  • Quicker learning since you receive undivided attention of the trainer. You don't have to wait for your turn to seek an explanation



CCNA Security (New Version) & 210-260 IINS Exam

Course Outline

1. Security Concepts

  • Threatscape
  • Threat defense technologies
  • Security policy and basic security architectures
  • Cryptographic technologies

2. Secure Network Devices

  • Implementing AAA
  • Management protocols and systems
  • Securing the control plane

3. Layer 2 Security

  • Securing Layer 2 infrastructures
  • Securing Layer 2 protocols

4. Firewall

  • Firewall technologies
  • Introducing the Cisco ASA v9.2
  • Cisco ASA access control and service policies
  • Cisco IOS zone based firewall

5. VPN

  • IPsec technologies
  • Site-to-site VPN
  • Client-based remote access VPN
  • Clientless remote access VPN

6. Advanced Topics

  • Intrusion detection and protection
  • Endpoint protection
  • Content security
  • Advanced network security architectures


Lab 1: Exploring Cryptographic Technologies

Lab 2: Configure and Verify AAA

Lab 3: Configuration Management Protocols

Lab 4: Securing Routing Protocols

Lab 5: VLAN Security and ACLs on Switches

Lab 6: Port Security and Private VLAN Edge

Lab 7: Securing DHCP, ARP, and STP

Lab 8: Explore Firewall Technologies

Lab 9: Cisco ASA Interfaces and NAT

Lab 10: Site-to-Site VPN

Lab 11: Clientless Remote Access VPN

Lab 12: Configure DHCP Snooping and STP Protection

Lab 13: Configure Interfaces and NAT on the Cisco ASA

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