Network Monitoring & Performance Tuning

***Workshop Contents:
  • What is the Network Management System (NMS)?
  • Why use an NMS?
  • NMS Services?
-Types of Monitoring.
  • What is SNMP?
  • Uses for SNMP.
  • SNMP Versions
  • SNMP roles.
  • How does SNMP work?
  • The SNMP database
  • SNMP and Security
  • SNMP failure: no response?
  • SNMP Best Practices
  • Lab Setup with GNS3 and VMWare Workstation.
  • What is CACTI?
  • Why do we use CACTI?
  • Features of CACTI.
  • Install and Configuration CACTI Monitoring Tool
  • Add New Devices into the CACTI ((Cisco, Juniper, Mikrotik, Fortinet)
  • MRTG Create and Monitoring
  • Tree Create and Uses.
  • User Account Administration and Provide the MRTG Access.
  • Plugins Use in Cacti
  • Network Infrastructure Monitoring using CACTI Weathermap
  • What is SmokePing?
  • Why do we use SmokePing?
  • Install and Configure SmokePing.
  • Add Link to SmokePing
  • Create Groups in SmokePing
  • Integrate SmokePing into Cacti
  • What is Nagios?
  • Why we use Nagios?
  • Install and Configure Nagios
  • Host add into Nagios Server.
  • Nagios Email notification.
  • What is NFSEN?
  • Why do we use NFSEN?
  • Install and Configure NFSEN.
  • Netflow Log Analysis.
  • What is Zabbix?
  • Why do we use Zabbix?
  • Install and Configure Zabbix.

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